Sunday, June 1, 2014

Final Summary

For the consumer culture it is where you have to be your be your self . I one else can copy you and that your own people. This is one of the facts  of it is a category by itself no one can be like you.

For the new and old advertisement it is where a group of people wanting you to buy or sell something that is want to be sold.

In the New Deal where FDR had to bring back americans to its feet and bring back the growth of the economy it has been do to the war .
Coney Island is one of the the park that let people have fun once in there life time. Before all they did was work no  one did anything fun, until coney island came in.
The mass media is where people started to communicate with each other had start to talk. They had more talking with the intent, the cell phone and the radio. This got people connected with the outside world.
Leisure and Entertainment was when people went to movies , to shows and had radio to have fun to listen to. This was a way family got together to enjoy themselves.

The fireside chats were about how FDR was talking to people and getting them to calm down and let thing be handle. This help him focus on the thing the the american people thought were import.
The roaring 20's was when the american has change where the radio was made and things where change to help the american people. This was a big change for the people.
The Industrialization when american was know people it was the biggest in the industry . American was number one in steel and many other things.
What really put the the subject together was the New Deal , New and old advertising , and the consumer culture. They all involved change a way where news thing begin to play in.

Current Event Report

                My three topics have a main similar point, which is changing the point of view of people minds. What  I mean is, like consumer culture, you express your opinions in a constructive way to change peoples view.  In old and new advertisement methods like Tweeter or  Facebook where you communicate to a larger audience. You can improve your image by communicating with people  and  surrounding yourself with intelligent people. This shows how you act and view others.  The New Deal changed the employment opportunities in getting the AAA and the CCC in getting people back to work. This will change a 2nd or 3rd generations of people. This effected the household finances of many families, but it didn't solve all of the problems. Starvation and economic depression changes generations and there views of life.   The New Deal made great jumps for families, but the War changed the families forever.
     Every generation has their own images and ways of communicating or dressing that reflects current opinions. The hipsters are setting current trends and images that reflect there opinions. The articles are  similar in my topics of change of what is cool and how people see themselves. In the other paragraph the hipsters are saying what is cool and trendy. The mainstream population then judges  the hipsters  on these trends and either accepts them or not. People are always judging what is right and wrong at that time in history.  When you hang around good or bad groups ,it changes your perspective in the world.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

IMovie Report
The American flag shows the products and the name of it like Nike , Apple , and McDonnell . This show a symbol for there product.

The Sigh repents that you have to be your self and go you own make a something that is you no one else. By this no one can do the same lifestyle as you.

Coney island is when news things came out and let people do things that they didn't do they usually did. People could buy things to help out the economy to grow it.

This is a brand that knows across the nation a place where you can buy coffee. This is a consumer culture many people go to.

This image shows the many social area where you can talk and as show new advertisement. Where there people try to sell you things to be making money.

The butterfingers is an old kind of the advertisement where is shows  a little kids who love them and want to have them. That used flyers to show there ads.

This is a new advertisement showing the new  get people get a specific brand on a tire because it looks go on this car why won't it look good on yours. This is a great looking car with special tires.

This how the technology has change so much that you should buy it so you can play games on and more. The iPad is smaller and smarter than the big computers back then.

This is Uncle Sam needing you to help out with the New Deal in progress to help grow the economy.
Getting jobs in making money then buying thing to make life easier.

This image show FDR on his fireside chats to help clam and ask what problem should be dealt with. To insure the people that things are getting better.

This is words to describe the of the New Deal and what all happen back then.  They describe FDR how he spent so much money in rebuilding the economy.

FDR is saying stop play around get busy we at war. We need to be getting more and more people involved in the war.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Document 1 - 5 and 9

3. Dan  - This person is been building a dream , he work his whole life and ask for a dime.  Now he is out of work wait for food to get for his next meal.

4. Dan - I think what is important is that the guy is work his whole life.
He is now wait to get his food because he out of work.
5. Dan - People are  getting layoff work in wait in line for food. Then people have such low wages that they can’t get much food.  

6. Dan - Why didn’t people have the knowledge to stop this ahead of time.

7. Dan - People who were in the great depression or a on the internet for the answers.

Document 2
1. 1931
2. Herbert Hoover
3. Dan - That the government should not be doing every little thing with the government. They are taking away the right of the people.
4. Dan - The spread of government destroys character. The  if government has to much power loss of liberty.
5. Dan - Herbert Hoover was the president, and the banks are going bankrupt.
6. Dan - Why was he talking about the government have too much power?
7. Dan - You could look it up on wikipedia

Document 3

3. Dan -  It was a actuation of 8 black rapeing 2 whites women and being hung .
4.Dan - It was an women women selling train tickets there. The doctor say there was no harm marks on the women.
5. Dan- It show the the U.S.A was racies at this time .
6. Dan - Why were people so racist to the blacks ?
7. Dan - You could look them on wikipedia or ask someone from at area or ask them questions.

Document 4

3. Dan- People would rent out land to farming or borrow it for a year. There groups of people would farm it.

4. Dan - Two interesting facts are that giant group would farm land. There would be more people willing to be more a farmer than anything else .
5. Dan - It show the people in america would do any job to get a little money .
6. Dan - Why were there so many people wanting to be farming land.
7. Dan - You could ask someone who is a farmer or go to wikipedia.

Document 5

3. Dan - It was about how many people were starving ,because that lack of food and the banks had no money to be borrowed from. Then the president promised 300,000,000 for the people to have food.
4. Dan - The two interesting facts are the president promised 300,000,000 the people never got it. The bank were all out of money to be borrowed from.
5.Dan - It shows that the people are giving up hope and turning angry against the president .
6.Dan - Why were the police shoot the people ,because they are wanting food?
7.Dan - You could look it up on wikipedia about  the lack out food.  

Document 9

3.Dan -  It is about how the people are moving out west but there is no land to buy because everyone owns something there.

4. Dan - The two interesting facts  okie means son of a bitch . The other one is they are not able to keep a steady job .

5. Dan - It show people are all trying to get away from the dust bowl .

6. Dan - Why did people in California sell some of their land to people who are coming up there?

7. You could look it up on Wikipedia.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Jacob Lawrence

     Jacob Lawrence was born September 7 1917 in Atlantic City New Jersey . As a little boy 13 years old  his mom was a in classes in arts and crafts. When he got older 16 he dropped school working a a laundry and paper factory. With all that take art classes about African- American .  When he was 23 years old he was recognizes and a great painter. Then next year he  got married with painter and when to the same school as he did.
    As he was 53 they move to the Washington were he became a professor and told at the University of  Washington where he teach art. After the age of 83 years old he had pasted away . They married had lasted thing long for something like this to happen. But his work was recognize as a well know to blacks .

Thursday, January 30, 2014


When it first step was getting people to join him  and not being afraid of going jail. He had proof that by Marten Luther King Jr. going to jail and came back out. Then he had to get more people than his one area . He went off going getting people to help him get civil rights . Everyone is treated equal and there was no  segregation . When  Marten went to Washington to talk to JFK ask to past a law for civil right . Kennedy   agree, but he still had to do walk. When there was a walk to washington Marten did I have a dream speech top off all his work.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Women's Rights

They should have rights they are more honest . They will elected honest men in the office to respect the people of the Untied States. When they do this they bring out the best and worst in people. They should be able to ,because doesn't take much to vote. The most it would is a half and hour to a hour. They should because, the man is working at his job . There is a lot os women not being respected .


  The women should stay inside and work in the house and take care of the kids. The men are working outside with new technology . The men are smarter than women ,because they are dealing with new technology. If women are allow there would be more corrupt people in the world.